Retired scrimshaw artist Stephan Turner

Sugar Cane Train 2005. Fossil walrus ivory. 8.5" long.

2001, Wharf Scene circa 1870. Fossil walrus ivory, "Beach tumble". 9" long.

Hand-engraved designs on fossilized ivory. These were done years ago and are all sold.

2006, Mermaid. Mammoth ivory. 5" tall.

Walking the Plank. 2006. Mammoth ivory. 7" tall.

2005, Cougar Trilogy. Mammoth ivory.

2012, Maui Sunset. Fossil walrus ivory Eskimo artifact, hand tool called an adz. 9" long.

1989, Whale Hunters. Mammoth ivory, 7" long.

2008, slice 3/8" thick, 2.5" tall.

Fossilized walrus ivory, Eskimo artifact. 3.25" tall.

Fossilized walrus ivory. 4" tall.

Mammoth ivory. 5" tall.